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Incorporation of an LLC

Only a few steps to your Austrian LLC (GmbH)

The GmbH is the most popular legal form in Austria and rightly so. Once incorporated, it offers the appropriate "legal dress" for the majority of companies in their business activities. It is flexible in its everyday handling, basically enables a separation of assets between the company and its shareholders and gives your company a certain degree of respectability.

Our offer includes all essential steps - from the necessary contractual documentation to the registration with the Austrian commercial register.

Speed up the incorporation process with our contract assistant.

Our Offer

  • Articles of association or declaration of incorporation (in case of sole shareholders)
  • Handling by specialied attorneys
  • Verification of the desired company name
  • Preparation of the other founding documents
  • Communication with competent court

Advantages and Benefits

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Efficient incorporation process
  • Simple and fast communication
  • Minimization of later need for changes

What can kontractory do for you?

We will cover the entire process of incorpating an LLC (GmbH) in Austria for you. Our experienced lawyers will consult with you in person or remote.

Optional services:

- Opening of local bank account
- Trade licence application



Autrian LLC (GmbH) Incorporation
  • Articles of association and other incorporation documentation
  • Included legal advice with specialized Austrian attorneys (up to 3 hours)
  • Verification of the company name (check with commercial register)
  • Communication: personal, telephone, e-mail, video call etc.
  • Coordination with notary's office & commercial register
  • Optional: bank account / trade registration (up to 4 hours)
€ 2,200 - € 2,700 excl. VAT

Gross Prices: € 2,640 - € 3,240 incl. VAT

Note: Third-party costs (e.g. commercial register fees) vary and are charged separately